Light Design Ideas for Your Home

With the beginning of a New Year, comes the excitement of change. Many homeowners like redesigning areas of the home at this time to be able to have something new and fun to enjoy. One area in which the home can be changed is with lighting. Lighting can be used for decoration as well as function in the home. Below are a few unique ways that lighting can be used in the home for design as well as convenience.
Using Christmas Lights Out of Season

Who doesn’t love Christmas lights? Available in white, multi and custom colors, Christmas lights are a great way in which to decorate the home, even after the holidays are over. On the plus side, such lights are also on sale at your local retailers once Christmas is over so you can get a great deal on lights to use for projects. There are so many ways to use Christmas lights out of season. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with. One interesting way is to create a wooden screen and string white lights behind the screen. Use fabric to cover the screen and the light will create a soft glow as it shines through the fabric. You can also take Christmas lights and place them inside a glass cylinder or blow and create a unique design feature. Try a few different projects to see what you might like best!

Porch Light Ideas

Exterior lighting is a necessity in any home. When arriving back home after dark, it is important to be able to see clearly. A dark entryway is not only a hazard but it can also be inviting to criminals. It is essential that you have some form of porch lighting for your home. There are so many options on the market today that you can easily find something that you can install in your home. Overhead lighting, solar pathway lighting, and lanterns are just a few ways you can light up the porch of your home. For many, simple overhead lighting allows for proper light to be able to see to gain entry into the home as well as have a decorative element on the porch.

Creating Mood Lighting

Mood lighting can set the tone of any room. From a romantic bedroom to a relaxing bathroom area, the lighting helps to create the mood of the space. You can use your imagination and create mood lighting with unique fixtures or accents for the home. Purchase delicate fairy string lights and place in mason jars for a soft warm glow that will lighten up any space. Take an old lantern and add a bulb kit inside to create a unique light fixture for a hallway or laundry room. Think outside the box and use unique items to create lighting that helps your home stand out above the rest.

There are so many ways to add lighting to the home from the traditional to the more unique. Think about aspects of design that you like and gain inspiration to create unique lighting for your home.