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A3683 40W Ca9.5 E12 Can Cl
25Ba9 1/2 Satco A3682 130V-(25Pk 25W E12 Cl Str. Tip)
40Ca9 1/2 A3675 Flame Cl-(25Pk E12 40W Clear Flame)
25B11 25W Torp Std Clr 130V
15W Torp Cand Clr 130V
Satco 15W Torp Cand Clr 130V
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Mogul to Medium Socket Reducer
Med to Med Base Plastic/Phenolic Extender
FL 42W 4-PIN Bottom Screw Down
T5 Lampholder (Tall) Non-Shunted
90-1801 E39-E39-(Mogul To Mogul 4Kv 50Pk)
26W/32W G24Q-3 GX24Q3 4 Pin
Pl Socket G24Q1 Gx24Q-1 4 Pin
T5 Lampholder Rotary Lock   1-1/8"
80-1875 MED Porcelain - (48 LEAD E26 Socket)
Por. Mogul Unglazed Par 56-64
80-1751 Mog Porc. 10 Lead
Fluor Fixed For Slimline D2683
Fluor Plunger For Slimline D2682
80-1245 Shunted - (Socket 1.75H 1-1/8W)
Clear Prismatic Bell Lens 12" x 5"
Led Ufo High Bay 150=400W 120/277 19500LLed Ufo High Bay 150=400W 120/277 19500L
215W Circular Hi-Bay 120/277 Wht 5K 27678L
Direct Arm - Bronze
Cree Direct Arm - Bronze
Sale price$98.05

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